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Why using SMS Marketing with Be Bold’s SMS connector?

What is Be Bold Connector?

As a company it is important to understand your customer needs. Finding the right marketing mix to communicate with your customers in the most preferred way. For this reason we as Be Bold created a sms connector based on an Oracle platform in 2017. This sms app allows companies to send text messages to their target group directly from their Marketing Automation tool. As innovation is one of Be Bold’s key pillars, investments have been made to create this connector. On request of our client Johnson & Johnson we built an add-on for Eloqua which we can call the sms connector today. We are proud that we have been able to expand the marketing mix of various clients thanks to this connector. In addition, we constantly adjust the sms app based on the suggestions and best practices we receive from the users. But why should you add sms to your marketing mix, using the Be Bold sms connector? 

Many opportunities with SMS

So with an sms app your company can send messages to your leads and customers. These messages can be used for many different reasons, such as surveys, segmentation, events, loyalty campaigns and even for internal communication. 

Furthermore, sms gives you the opportunity to:

  • Send more personalized communications
  • Deliver one-to-one messages
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Receive better feedback
  • Influence brand awareness

Overall sms marketing allows you to garner attention from your customers quickly and send short messages which are easy to read and understand for all your customers.

By using the sms connector we were able to interact with our audience during events in a very personalized way and on the spot! Simple in use but so effective.” –Marketing automation specialist, Wolters Kluwer

Cross-channel reporting

By expanding your channel mix with sms within your Marketing Automation tool, you will be able to use one system for multiple channels: mail, social media and sms. Managing all these channels in one system gives the benefit of cross-channel reporting. Which, in turn, results in a more consistent customer journey across all channels. That’s what we call a win-win situation! 

Interesting features

Be Bolds sms connector has many interesting features. For example you can…

  • Easily integrate with Eloqua 
  • Work with the app without issues, such as hassle with different phone and browser types, after configuration
  • Use it in an automated way based on specific triggers you set
  • Merge fields on contact level in sms for personalization
  • Use it for sms surveys
  • Manage optins & optouts
  • Separate SMS bounces    
  • Submit URLs & blind forms

In conclusion, adding sms to your marketing mix with the Be Bold sms app gives you many rewarding opportunities for reaching out to your target group. Furthermore, the integration in Eloqua provides easy usage with multiple interesting features and multi-channel reporting.


Sounds interesting?    


As GDPR is important, Be Bold has made a significant investment to ensure that our connector is GDPR compliant. The following is an overview of some interesting functionalities:           

The connector is based on an Oracle PaaS platform. This means that the app will act as middleware between Oracle Eloqua and the SMS-provider. The app itself has three layers: user interface, processing and data. The user interface is always secured by username and password. System admin users will log on directly to the app user interface and they will be given access to all pages. They will be the only ones able to add or activate new customers. The main task will consist of creating new users and setting up connections to Eloqua and/or the sms-provider.        

Opt-in & opt-outs can be captured. The principle is the same for using emails. Eloqua automatically stops sending texts if the person has opted out. Sms bounces will also be captured, for example when there is an error in a phone number. This means that for any future campaigns, Eloqua will know when there is an error in a phone number, ensuring no texts are sent to such a number. In doing so, no sms budget will be spent on wrong phone numbers.


Dedicated Number or 8850

The Be Bold Connecter offers the possibility of either creating a dedicated phone number for your sms campaigns, or 8850. When you choose to work with a 8850 number Be Bold can set it up quite fast and it’s not expensive. When choosing a dedicated number it takes several weeks to set-up and it’s more expensive. Both are possible and completely up to your choice!

The advantage of a dedicated number is that you are able to use a recognized number dedicated to your brand and it will uplift your engagement level with your specific target audience. When you want to receive responses of surveys for example we would recommend you using a dedicated short code. When using for instance a 8850 you’ll be sharing this short code with other companies and brands.

Telecom Partner

Be Bold has a lot of experience in working with CM Telecom as telecom provider. Nevertheless we are able to make a connection with any provider of your choice. The way it works is pretty simple. The sms-connector app will collect all the necessary data, including the content of your sms, and send it across to the telecom provider. In turn, they will send out the text messages to the recipients. 

We advice our sms-connector users to put a tiny url in your sms as a call-to-action. In doing so, your reporting will not only be able to show if the sms was delivered, but also which recipients may have clicked on the landing page. This will be trackable within the marketing automation platform and is THE way to measure your ROI.    

Overall most people will read their text messages on their phone – more so than email.   

Interested in using sms for your company’s marketing? Contact us for a live demo about Be Bold’s sms connector.