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The intern diaries #2: Intern Nourishment

Here we are again, third week: DONE! ✅

Let’s see how it’s going, shall we:

Rilke, Be Bold intern, her motivation is good!

Learning new things: good

Varied range of tasks: goood

Motivation: gooooodd❗💥

Advertising vs. Digital Marketing

If you read my previous blogpost, then you already know I’m a Communication student majoring in advertising. Advertising is quite different than digital marketing. Throughout my academic career, I’ve never really had any courses related to marketing. Sure, I’ve had some projects that included several marketing aspects, but we’ve never really dug deep into it. For example, customer journeys and customer personas aren’t new to me, but I never quite understood what purpose they had 🤷.

What do I know about Marketing?

When Be Bold first reached out to me and asked if I was interested in doing an internship at their firm – aside from the fact that I loved their website and how creative it is, and talking to one of the employees who sounded super excited and passionate about the company – I was quite hesitant. What do I know about marketing⁉️

Emily, a.k.a. my mentor and the person I came in contact with when I was searching for an internship, reassured me that most of my tasks would be communication-wise like social media, creating posts, writing blogs, etc.📲 Putting this aside, if you want to create good content, it is also very important to know what the company is about, the way they work, which programs they use, and so on.


So, to make sure I wouldn’t fall behind and I am given every opportunity to deliver great work, I was told I’d get different trainings pretty much every week, each on a different topic. This is what actually had me sold. Not only are they helping me to deliver some of my best work, but I would actually be learning new things. Me as a person, I’m very eager to learn so this was like a bonus. 🎁

Marketing Automation

Be Bold’s core business is Marketing Automation, something I had never heard about before. Nienke, one of the M.A. specialists gave me a two-hour detailed explanation about what it means, and how they implement it. For those of you who don’t know either, let me show you real quick ⬇️

Basically, you reduce manual work by automatically sending out personalized emails to potential customers, depending on their place in the customer journey.
The right message, in the right place, at the right time, for the ideal target group. 🎯

Digital Marketing

Another important aspect of marketing is customer personas. As I mentioned before, I had to use it once or twice in a campaign for the school, but I never really understood why I had to do it and why it’s important or even necessary.

Karen, one of the Digital Marketing specialists, showed me step by step why it’s useful and how you create one. Two days later we turned theory into practice. Together we made a customer persona for the company. I’m honestly more of a ‘learning by doing’ type of person, so to actually create it together after getting the explanation, was such a great feeling. Now I really understand and I can actually apply these new skills. 🙌

More to come

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be getting more pieces of training regarding WordPress – how can I change things on the website 💻, training about Google Analytics 🔎 which is super important, how to use paid advertising on social media, and so on.

Something I was quite hesitant about in the beginning, turned into a great learning opportunity for me. Although I’ll be graduating with a degree in Communications specialized in advertising, I got something extra. It’s something that I can add to my curriculum, but even better, it’s the knowledge that I gained for myself.

Knowledge = power! 💥

Talk to you later 🐊!
– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a Digital Marketing Intern @ Be Bold