Switch to Adobe Marketo

Are you monthly paying an excessive licensing fee to use your marketing automation tool? And does that platform not yet include all the functionalities to do everything you’d like? In terms of integrations with other tools such as for instance your CRM system, is this running smoothly? Or is there still room for improvement here? And what about the user friendliness of the tool you’re using right now? Did it took a lot of effort before you really got to know the tricks of the trade?

If all of the above ring a bell, you’ve probably outgrown your current marketing automation tool. So, it might be time to take a step back and think about switching to a different (marketing automation) platform. A tool that better suits your business needs, wants and desires. Maybe Adobe Marketo Engage is the best option for you. 🤔

Adobe, that’s for reading PDFs, right?

Today, more than ever, consumers are at the center of attention. They are spoiled with convenient interfaces, products and services that completely exceed their expectations. The result? You don’t have another choice than taking your customer experience to the next level, it has to get better and better. And that is exactly what Adobe has understood very well.

Meet Adobe Marketo Engage, a B2B marketing automation software within the Adobe Experience Cloud. This all-in-one cloud platform allows you to create Unified Customer Profiles (UCPs) and gather all customer data into one comprehensive profile. The marketing automation software within this system – Adobe Marketo Engage- enables you to distribute hyper-personalized content on a large scale and uses an omnichannel strategy.

With Adobe Experience Cloud you also have – when the time is right – the opportunity to build a complete ecosystem that perfectly meets the needs of your core business. You choose what you need and because of the user friendliness of all the applications in the Adobe Experience Cloud, integrations are set up in no time. Convenient, right?

The benefits of Adobe Marketo Engage

Of course, this sounds very nice, but we hear you thinking: what’s in it for me? Making the switch to another automation tool is not something you do in in a jiffy. It requires new investments, both financial and in terms of resources.

Still, it’s worth considering because optimal customer experience is often the best recipe for achieving a higher ROI for your business. Even more, greater customer experiences produce excellent business results. And who wouldn’t want that?

By creating relevant content, deploying smart touchpoints, and creating an excellent user experience, you automatically stimulate higher sales. With Adobe Marketo Engage you seamlessly respond to the needs and requirements of your customers to create an ultimate experience for them. The increase of the ROI of your company, in the long run, you get for free!

Taking the leap

Thanks to Adobe Marketo Engage, you will set the tone in your industry, grow faster, achieve your business goals, and achieve a higher ROI. Just because you choose to put your customers at the center of your organization. 👫

Just like Adobe, at Be Bold we also strive for the best digital experience. Together, we join forces to achieve the digital transformation needed to take your customer experience management to the highest level.

Convinced of the added value of Adobe Marketo Engage for your company or brand? Contact one of our experts to see how we can take the first steps together.