Weekly routines 

4 weeks done ❌
4 more to go ✅

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my internship with Be Bold. It’s going SO fast. Once you get a handle on everything, the weeks literally fly by (time flies when you’re having fun, am I right? 😜).

For this week’s topic, let’s go back in time a little. After getting everything ready and installed on my computer on the first day, the real work began. My first task: make a visual for the social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) and come up with a fun caption. It was completely up to me how I wanted to create it. (Yay!) If you’re one of my weekly readers, you know I love to put my creative thinking cap on 🎩.

Intern duties

As the weeks continued, several tasks stayed the same, which is great! This way you can achieve a certain level of independence after a few times. You know what to do and how to start. Let me show you what my task package mainly consists of 📋:

  • Social Media posts: I have to come up with a visual and suitable caption. When that is finished, I get to post them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram 📲.
  • This column I’m writing every week. I love writing so this is a fun little side project I can work on during the week 🖋️. When I’m done, I get to put the blogpost online on their website using WordPress.
  • Brainstorm sessions with Emily and/or Karen – they can be about anything and everything that inspires our creativity 🧠.

Fun projects

Other than that, there have been some additional fun projects I have been/ am working on. 

  • By now, pretty much everyone knows what TikTok is or at least has heard of it. Since it’s pretty new in the business facet, I was asked to do some research about its possibilities for Be Bold and their customers. 
  • Research regarding Marketing Automation platforms. When I gather enough relevant info, I’ll get to create a whitepaper (basically a nice overview) in Adobe Illustrator 🕵.
  • Hashtag research 🔍 – look into which ones are relevant for Be Bold.
  • Come up with original face filter ideas for a client. 
  • A video I had to edit in iMovie regarding a webinar. This is one of my secret passions. I don’t know why, but I really love to edit videos 🎥.
  • Another guilty pleasure of mine: I’m an organizing freak. Everything remotely related to planning and organizing, is something I enjoy. For the photoshoot (which is actually happening today) I had to make a schedule for the photographer describing the settings, themes, who poses for which picture, necessities and so on. 🤳

Don’t stress, ask!

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “I don’t have the skills to do all these tasks”: DO NOT WORRY. The whole team will be there whenever you need them. In my last blogpost I mentioned that knowing what the company is about, is quite important to create great content. Well, for the Marketing Automation platform research for example – not exactly my forte, which knew you already – I did my research mostly online. Always remember: Google is your best friend 🔎.

Nevertheless, if you think about it, who might know more about this topic? Well… the people in your company that use these platforms on a daily basis, of course! Okay, to be honest, I didn’t come up with this on my own. It was my mentor, Emily, who pointed this out. She told me that even though she has been working at Be Bold for a while, she doesn’t know everything about marketing automation. Who does? Our very own marketing automation specialists. 


Moral of the story: whenever you’re working on a task or project that’s not in your area of expertise: step 1 use google, step 2 ASK. People will be more than happy to give you the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to ask. You can’t know everything (at least I don’t – would be nice though 😝).

I can’t say it enough: an internship at Be Bold = the complete package📦. Not only are your tasks varied, you get responsibility, the team is there for you when needed, they try to include you in most projects, and on top of it all; everyone is so nice and helpful.

My guess is, there could be worse places to work at 😜!

Talk to you later 🐊!
– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a. Digital Marketing Intern @ Be Bold