With millions of daily users, easy access and availability around the globe, social media is here to stay. In recent years, the popularity of social media has increased enormously. Not just among users, but brands and companies are also huge fans, and for them, social media has become an essential part of their marketing plan.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is – simply put – actively using social media channels as a brand or company and making it an important part of your marketing strategy. And it works! Thanks to the millions of daily users, it’s a powerful tool to reach your prospects and customers. Social media marketing can be done in two ways. First, we have the organic way, in which you share interesting content on your company’s profile. The second possibility is the paid way, through advertisements and campaigns that you design, set up, and roll out.

Why implement social media marketing?

Well, making social media a key part of your marketing strategy has some significant advantages. For example, a well-thought-out social media strategy provides four things. First and foremost, you actively build brand loyalty and turn your customers into real brand advocates. Additionally, you create brand awareness. The more people know your brand, the better. You’ll also drive extra traffic to your website. In turn, those clicks can generate more leads and even sales. What’s interesting is that you can do all this, even without paid ads. Be smart about it and your ROI will be huge!

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How do you start with social media marketing?

Social Media Strategy

Okay, you’re completely convinced that social media marketing can grow your brand, but how do you get started?

Everything starts with a plan! No matter how excited you are, don’t dive in head-first. Take it step by step and begin by setting up a strong social media strategy.

Your social media strategy should include the following elements:

  1. What are your social media goals?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What social media platforms will you use?
  4. What content will you share?

Looking for some inspiration? Take a peek at your competitors. Scroll through their social media profiles, inspect the visuals and tone-of-voice they use and analyse how they engage with their fans. Check their followers and see if they match your ideal target audience. Keep in mind that you certainly shouldn’t fixate on the number of likes or fans they have. That’s something we call vanity metrics. It’s nice to know and it boosts your ego, however, it doesn’t uncover the effectiveness of your strategy.

The next steps in your social media story

Ok, you have your social media strategy, you know your target audience and you know what content you’re going to share. Check, check and check. Now it’s time for action!

First, you create a social media content calendar. This is a handy tool that helps you think ahead and maintain an overview. You plan, based on your strategy, several months ahead, so that – in theory – you always have content to post on your social media channels.

When everything runs smoothly, it’s time to take the next step: advertising. On every social media platform, you have the possibility to set up and create advertisements and campaigns. Often, this process is very straightforward and intuitive. Always pay close attention to your goals, but even with a small budget, you can make a big impact!

Furthermore, throughout your social media marketing, it’s important to consistently monitor and interpret your results and analytics. Do this at specific times, for example weekly or monthly. Only then you’ll know for sure if your efforts pay off, or if any optimizations are necessary.

And there you go! Now you know what social media marketing is and how you can start creating your own social media strategy.  

Tips & tricks

Hey, but wait. We’re not letting you go without a few extras. Below, we listed some of our golden tips and tricks for you to use and apply right away.

  • Don’t post and ghost. Simply put: be active, comment on other profiles and engage with your (potential) followers.
  • Who are you? Show your true self and always do it in the same way. Be consistent in the captions you write, the images you post, your use of colour, the way you build up your stories. In other words: create recognition.
  • Steady wins the race. Social media marketing is hard work, and every effort should move the needle in the right direction. Make sure every photo or caption you share has real value for your ideal audience. And don’t forget: be consistent!

Are you absolutely convinced of the benefits social media marketing offers you? But you’re not exactly sure where to begin your journey? Be Bold is happy to prepare you for take-off.