After today, I have only 2 weeks left. Crazyyyy! 🤯

Core business: automation & digitization

Before you start an internship, the company is asked if they would prefer you to stay for 6 weeks or 8 weeks, depending on the company’s needs. Emily and Karen agreed that 8 weeks would be a better option. I was not disappointed by their choice. It would have been a very sad day if this were my last one. I feel like there’s still so much to do and to learn. Plus, they also put a lot of effort into teaching you everything there is to know about Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing. If you can take the skills you’ve developed in those 6 weeks, and spend the next two weeks perfecting your craft, then all the better. 

After your 3rd or 4th week, you finally get a good grasp of everything. The work becomes much easier and faster, you know the systems, how to search for things and so on. Leaving now would be such a shame. Luckily for me 🍀, I got 2 more weeks left. So, The Intern Diaries are not over just yet 😉.  

This time we’re digging deeper into Be Bold’s core business🔻.

Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing

I’ve briefly explained what Marketing Automation is in my second post: Intern Nourishment. Let me refresh your memory 🔄🧠:

The goal of Marketing Automation is to simplify your marketing campaigns. From segmenting your target groups 🎯 to building exciting campaigns to omnichannel marketing strategies — marketing automation offers a platform for all your marketing needs.

As for Digital Marketing: If you want your marketing campaigns to be effective, the key is to know who your target group 🎯 is, and how you can create a genuine connection with your (potential) customers 👥. Building up quality databases in the age of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is no small feat, but luckily for you, our Be Bolders have plenty of experience!

To be a bit more specific, Be Bold has a wide range of experiences to offer:  

  • Search engine marketing: SEO and SEA 
  • Social media marketing 📲
  • Content marketing 💻
  • Email marketing 📩
  • Loyalty marketing 😇

Different tools

Before I tell you more about the Bold customers, it’s essential to know they work with 2 different Marketing Automation tools:

First off there’s Oracle Eloqua: designed for larger companies, like Eneco for example. 

The second tool is Active Campaign: ideal for small and medium companies, like Atelier Rebul for example. AC is more focused on e-commerce and shorter buying-cycles. 

Atelier Rebul - Active Campaign Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing
Case Atelier Rebul

Think about cosmetics, clothes, accessories versus cars, solar panels, houses… So, for every type of company, one of these two tools is the perfect solution for your marketing needs.  

(They are looking into other Marketing Automation platforms, but no spoilers yet – so, let’s keep it on the DL for now 🤫)

Branches of industries 

Who are Be Bold’s customers? Who benefits from Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing?

Retail, Cosmetics, Consultancy, Energy, Cars, Pharmaceutical, and many more👚🚗💊.

As you can see, our clients come from different branches of industries. Going from retail to the pharmaceutical industry, these verticals couldn’t be any further apart from each other. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Still, they all benefit from the same tools. Food for thought? I think so🍕💭!

Both tools go hand in hand 🤝. From creating an engaging online brand to building quality databases with potential leads, to automating your marketing campaigns and lastly, by ensuring a smooth transition of great leads over to sales.

All these diverse companies benefit from a tool that not only gives them the gift of time ⏳, which can be spent on other important stuff but also a big workload is lifted of their shoulders by automating and digitalizing their marketing.  

So, to sum up: Be Bold helps your company grow. Our service will see fit to your needs by creating a personalized strategy solely based on your companies’ needs. 

Curious to see how these Marketing Automation tools are implemented? Get your free demo right here! 🆓 Or, are you more interested in a little tête-à-tête/chit chat to go over your companies’ marketing strategy? Feel free to contact us at any time.  

As always,

Talk to you later 🐊!

– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a. Digital Marketing Intern @ Be Bold