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The Intern Diaries #4: Colleagues and Friends

Hi there 👋

5 weeks in … WAIT WHAT, ALREADY ⁉️ 

The faces behind Be Bold

So far I’ve covered many different aspects of what it’s like to be an intern at this amazing company. I’ve told you what it’s like to work here, what kind of work is done, the training they offer to help you deliver your best work… BUT what you don’t know just yet is, who exactly you’ll be working with. Which faces hide behind these Marketing Automation consultants?

Team get-together  

Last Friday was the first time I got to meet everybody in person. Super fun! We had a photoshoot with the whole team. Everyone gathered in HOI, for the first time again since Corona. Seeing them interact together, everything just came together as a whole.

Meeting someone via Teams (the communication tool they use for meetings) or Slack is not quite the same as meeting a person face to face. So, I was super excited that I finally got to see the fun team dynamic. I got to know everyone a little bit better whilst enjoying some delicious sushi 🍣 after the shoot (thank you Emily – I can still taste it 🤤 ).

I’ve talked about Nienke, Emily and Karen before in my ‘Intern Diaries’-series. Although, it might be fun to tell you a bit more about the entire team, so next time I mention someone in my blog posts, you’ll know who I’m talking about 😉 .

A cool bunch 

My first impressions were right! They’re a super cool, fun bunch who work and function so well together. Be Bold is a team of 7 unique, one-of-a-kind individuals – 8 if you include me 😏 – each with their specific role in the company. 

But okay, enough sweet-talking 🍑 . Let’s see who we have here, shall we: 

Technical Marketing Automation Consultant

Technical Marketing Automation consultant

First off, we have Vone Cloots. Mister funny man. The guy that’s always laughing with the biggest smile on his face – so big, it’s contagious. Like me, he started his Be Bold journey as an intern. Because of his driven mentality, they had to have him on the team. For any technical challenges – Vone has the answer. 

His goal?

  • Become an awesome solution/technical architect with a focus on integrations – platform-independent.
  • A you-can-count-on-him technical lead.

Strategic Marketing Automation Consultant

Strategic Marketing Automation consultant

Then there’s Nick Windey – a real bon vivant, Latin loving 💃, foodie, travel guru 🌎. He’s the companies’ Marketing Automation strategist who’s had several years of experience with Eloqua. With his commercial flair, he has no problem persuading clients. He’s super passionate about the entire customer journey: finding the gaps, making improvements and getting bold results 🚀.

His goal?

  • Drive change and help customers build a solid marketing automation strategy.
  • Grow on a daily basis and help uplift the bold team members to a higher level 🆙
  • Discover and learn all there is to know about marketing technology.

Junior Technical Marketing Automation Consultant

Junior Marketing Automation consultant

Up next we got Fatma Sadaf Khan, newbie on the team. Honestly, she’s the sweetest! Kudos to her for taking on a new challenge during these difficult times. Thankfully, Be Bold takes care of their family by giving full support and e-trainings – ain’t no falling behind here! Who is Fatma? A real IT and Marketing geek 🤓Her creative skills as a painter come in handy when it comes to creative thinking as a Marketeer #artsyfartsy 🎨👨‍🎨️.   

Her goal? 

  • Grow in terms of IT & marketing 
  • Find her professional sweet spot where here talents can flourish 🌻

Functional Marketing Automation Consultant

Functional Marketing Automation consultant

Nienke Iliaens – known as the happy, goofy one 😝 . This cappuccino lover is always down for a coffee break ☕ whilst having a fun chat with the team. If she doesn’t have her structure, her mind will go all over the place. She’s young and ambitious and she’ll stop at nothing to find out everything. 🤓 Even though she knows the ins and outs about Marketing Automation, she can’t help but being intrigued by other Marketing aspects. She becomes one giant ball of fire whilst brainstorming about creative campaigns and strategic marketing approaches, which also make for a nice work variety.  On top of that, she loves to share her expertise by giving trainings to end-users in Marketing Automation. This one really does it all ☄️. 

Her goal? 

  • Finding out where she excels, but frankly, she’s already a Rockstar🤘 : always growing and getting clients to the next level. 

Functional Marketing Automation Consultant

Marketing Automation consultant

Next we got: Tom Borghs – the more mature and laidback one of the team – logical because he has two super adorable kids. He’s a real family guy. No challenge is too much for him. Tom has been around for a few years now, so if anyone knows anything about Marketing Automation and Salesforce, it’s Tom. If he’s passionate about a certain topic, he’ll just keeping on talking 🗣️ – you can’t get in a word edgeways. He loves connecting the best of both worlds in new integrations & automated processes so he can build qualitative customer journeys for his clients. His motto: One team, one mission, one goal 💥

His goal?

  • Further improve his Marketing Automation expertise ⚡
  • Learn from and share with our Bold team 💪
  • Build new success stories 👷

General Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales and Strategic Marketeer

General Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales and Strategic Marketeer

Karen Dieleman – this crazy, all-things-dinosaur lover 🦖 is kind of like the mom of the team who takes care of everything and everyone as the General Manager of Be Bold. Together with her creative mind, which goes like a fast train 🚅  – there ain’t no stopping her, that’s for sure! Got any questions? Karen has all the answers! She excels in digital and content marketing and has a flair for digital storytelling that drives brands forward! 🚗 Her ambition knows no bounds and she’s at her best when she can think strategically together with the team. 🧠 With her eye for detail 👀 , nothing goes past Karen. 

Her ultimate ambition?

  • To be an amazing manager and a creative strategic marketer for her clients and all the Be Bolders 
  • Not only making sure the company grows, but the people as well – gotta aim high 🏹
  • Expand the digital marketing branch🌲

Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales and Digital Marketeer

Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales and Digital Marketing

And last but definitely not least, Emily Lippens. A ray of sunshine ☀️ with a heart of gold 💛  who’s there for you any time, any day with her ‘the glass is always half full mentality’. This lucky lady has had the opportunity to see a big part of the world already. In fact, the world is too small for this globetrotter ✈️. Emily is like a Pitbull 🐶, she won’t bow down – if she wants to get sh*t done, she gets it done.  This Project Managing queen 👸 with an urge for organising and planning, thrives on taking people and businesses to the next level. She has a great passion for building strategic marketing campaigns (almost as great as her love for sushi 😜) and excels in Digital marketing 💻. She is definitely not afraid of some Bold, creative approaches.

*Oh, and if you’re in need for some good recommendations food wise – this foodie knows all the places to be. There can never be enough wining & dining for her 🍷.  

 Her goal? 

  • Help build a fantastic team of go-getters 💪 and make sure the company keeps on growing
  • 🔝 Digital Marketing, PM & AM expertise 
  • A long-term success strategy for Be Bold 🚀

And that’s all of them! As you can see, each individual has their own specific place in the Bold family. To keep up the good spirit, there are weekly check-ins with the team, every Monday afternoon. Also, on Wednesdays, team lunches are organized for a little chit chat and to catch up with everyone during these weird circumstances.  

Are you as excited as I am to work with this team? Are you bold enough to take on a new adventure?  Take a chance by sending your contact details right here

Talk to you later 🐊!
– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a. Digital Marketing Intern @ Be Bold