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Insights of a technical Marketing Automation specialist

The man behind the name, who is Vone Cloots?

Vone, you know, that prankster on the Be Bold team? He’s our kick-ass technical marketing automation specialist & solution engineer. What does that mean and what are his day-to-day activities?

Vone gives you some insights on being a technical marketing automation specialist

What are three words that describe you the best?

  • Empathetic
  • Positive
  • Ambitious

What does your typical day look like?

I always get up early and start my day reading the news. Once at the office, I work on various projects and sometimes also on ad hoc support tickets.

When I come home, I enjoy making healthy food, a real passion of mine. Next to that, I make time to exercise.

What’s your greatest professional achievement yet?

I’m the technical lead for all our Mazda projects, as well as the SMPC project for Johnson & Johnson.

We started working for Mazda last year and we managed to roll out 20 different European countries on the Eloqua platform in less than 10 months. For the SMPC project, I built a program where doctors get notifications when certain properties changes in certain medications. Pretty neat!

How did you grow into your technical position?

Dedication! On the job, after working hours and even on weekends, I keep busy with learning new skills in order to be able to grow in my job.

What gives you energy at work?

The nerd in me says ‘write code for a new project’ 😆 , but it’s helping people in general.

What does a technical Marketing Automation specialist actually do?

In my opinion, a technical specialist is someone who, on a technical level, must be able to find a solution for everything.

What does that mean? I keep busy with

  • Marketing Automation implementations
  • Integrations between Marketing Automation platforms and other systems
  • Give Marketing Automation training
  • Deliver Marketing Automation support to clients and our team

For the time being, I mainly do this for Oracle Eloqua and Active Campaign. In the future, I would like to be able to support multiple platforms. My goal is to become a solution/technical architect with a focus on integrations, platform-independent.

What is the definition of Marketing Automation for you?

Marketing Automation = Personalization

With Marketing Automation you can personalize the communication to your end-user. Thanks to intelligent reporting, you’ll keep learning about your audience so you’ll be able to keep improving your campaign and therefore also your results.

For marketers, Marketing Automation also means more control and optimization capabilities. Campaigns can be automated, reducing manual work. You can then put that won time to good use by setting up better campaigns, lead scoring, and page tagging. This, in turn, will contribute to more personalization.

A side note: in orde te achieve a qualitative result, a lot of work has to be done in advance. This is often forgotten. A good setup ensures good data capture, which in turn ensures better personalization.

How do you see the future of Marketing Automation?

More and more companies are starting to recognize that Marketing Automation is of ultimate importance. Doesn’t matter the size of the company, Marketing automation is a viable option for everyone (side note: Mailchimp is no Marketing Automation tool 😇)

There are also more tools on the market, AI is being implemented… lots of fun things!

Yet, there are still companies and people who don’t know what it means. When we explain it, they often don’t hesitate long to get started.

What are companies that don’t use Marketing Automation yet missing out on?

A lot! Personalization is the most important thing for me, but optimal use of their time is an important one as well. They usually communicate via one channel where they may or may not be GDPR compliant with their communication.

Thinking about your next steps? Interested in becoming a technical Marketing Automation specialist?