Stijn, you know, the Dinokoeken fan, tech fanatic and car lover on the Be Bold team? He’s our enthusiastic Digital Marketer. But what does that mean and what do his days look like? We simply asked him!

The man behind the name, who is Stijn Vereecken?

What are three words which describe you?

  • Analytical
  • Humo Universalis
  • Go getter

What does your day as a Digital Marketer usually look like?

At the beginning of the workday, I check my emails and see what to do’s are on the schedule. Then I start working on the most urgent tasks. If there are no urgent matters, I try to start with the biggest task and work towards the smallest.

Like my colleague Louise, I am in charge of social media marketing, online advertising and content creation for both clients and Be Bold itself. In addition, I regularly manage and optimize websites and graphic design. After a workday, I’m often still at my computer to relax or keep up to date with the latest news in technology. 💻

What does your job involve?

Initially, I’m mainly involved in performance analysis. This means that I draw up an extensive report for clients in which I analyze their website in terms of how findable it is in Google, how user-friendly and efficient it is and where there’s room for optimization. This gives, both the client and me, a good idea of how their digital marketing is doing. Afterwards, I put this report into practice.

As a Google Ads specialist, I also spend a lot of time optimizing ad campaigns. At Be Bold we have different types of clients who each need their own campaigns and ad types. I find it fascinating to look for new ways to improve the ROI of their ads. This includes creating suitable landing pages.

As I mentioned earlier, I also create content for our clients. Based on the input of a client I write a copy and create corresponding visuals. 

How did you grow into your position as a Digital Marketer?

When I was still a student, I started my own company together with a good friend. We built websites for SMEs and took care of their SEO & SEA as well. Although I loved doing this, we had underestimated the amount of administration that came with it. Therefore, we decided to put an end to our company after 2 years.

Nevertheless, my love for digital marketing was still strong and because of my ‘entrepreneurial’ background, I soon ended up at The Cronos Group where I did an internship at the Microsoft cluster – InspireX. During my internship, I was offered a permanent contract and officially started my career as a digital marketer. After one and a half years of experience, I got the chance to improve and broaden my digital marketing skills at Be Bold and the rest is history.

insights of digital marketer

Which part of your job gives you the most energy?

There are two things that give me a lot of energy. On the one hand, I really enjoy working with clients to see how we can take their online marketing to the next level. I love to see how our implementations have a positive impact on their businesses.

On the other hand, there is a culture of appreciation within Be Bold that gives everyone energy. It’s really nice that colleagues respect and appreciate each other 100%. Logically this also gives a boost to my motivation and energy every day.

What’s your biggest career performance so far?

Recently I hosted a webinar on e-commerce & digital marketing. Since it was the first time I spoke in front of ‘the general public’ on behalf of Be Bold, this was quite exciting. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and we received plenty of positive feedback! You can watch the webinar here.

What is the definition of Digital Marketing to you?

Digital marketing to me is actually personal marketing. You can show ads that are both relevant and useful to a specific audience and that’s what makes it so powerful.

Unfortunately, there are still many advertisers who use online marketing mainly as an extension of their offline marketing. As a result, they send general and often irrelevant messages to the wrong target group. For example, I get ads on Youtube about pregnancy tests even though I’m a man. 😅

What does the future of Digital Marketing hold?

I think we are currently at a crossroad. More and more information is being collected about us on the internet. This of course makes it easier for advertisers to show relevant ads, but at the expense of our privacy.

If this was the only issue, it wouldn’t be so bad. But unfortunately, our data is also used to influence us. For example: think of certain countries using data to create political chaos.

I am very curious as to how we will deal with this collectively in the coming years.

What are companies that are not yet engaged in Digital Marketing missing out on?

I fear that companies that are not yet engaged in digital marketing have missed the boat. An online presence is essential, especially now during the pandemic. Everyone is increasingly looking online for products, services and information. If a company has little or no presence online, this will have a negative impact because they’re untraceable for the general public.

For the more specific impact, I’m happy to refer you to my colleague Louise’s blog!

What’s your goal?

Currently, I have a broad knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Therefore I’m trying to specialize in certain things. Google Ads is my favorite tool right now, but I also like to work with more technical applications like Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio.

Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to lead a team of ambitious Digital Marketers myself and not only share my experiences, but also learn from their new perspectives. After all, the world of digital marketing keeps inventing itself!

Want us to guide you through the world of digital marketing? Don’t hesitate to contact us!