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Insights of a Project Manager & Marketing Strategist

Project Manager and Marketing Strategist Arno

Arno, you know, the movies and series trivia master, travel lover and rad dad on the Be Bold team? As a Project Manager and Marketing Strategist he ensures that projects run smoothly. But what does that mean and what do his days look like? We asked him!

The man behind the name, who is Arno Liesse?

What are three words which describe you?

  • Eager to learn
  • Problem solver
  • Creative

What does your day as a Project Manager and Marketing Strategist usually look like?

I like to get at it early. Each day can turn into something completely different than the last. Morning is filled with promise and excitement. Getting off to an early start before any colleagues or clients get up & running, has its advantages. You can empty your mailbox, structure your daily and weekly planning, and prioritize your tasks.

That way I can assure myself of not jumping on the first e-mail that pops up but dedicate my mental energy as best I can.

Every day will undoubtedly provide me with a mixture of different things to do. Some of them immediately, some after a good strategic session and some can be done en route to my morning coffee. ☕ I love the variety of it all.

What does your job involve?

Arno Project Manager and Marketing Strategist

In these LinkedIn-times the article head will describe me as ‘Project Manager and Marketing Strategist’. If that doesn’t sound important, what does? Oh well, I like to think of it more as two complementing ways of looking at the client’s issue.

Do we need to bring order to a chaotic situation? Gather the team and client to set out a plan of action? The PM steps in. Do we need to think about big existential questions? Or provide suitable contents for tiny, detail-orientated deliverables? Then the strategist takes over. One part of the brain working together with the other one, but more often at the same time.

Every problem has a solution. It really does. Maybe the course isn’t clear, or even desirable, but there’s always a path to be taken. The challenge exists in identifying the core of the problem and the first step towards the solution has already been made!

How did you grow into your position?

If you’ve been a PM for a few years, you’ve seen a lot of situations come and go. All sorts of clients, cases, and deliverables … you name it. Alright, does that mean that everything is ‘same same, but different’? Absolutely not!

Feeling comfortable in times where others are in doubt and being able to bring structure to disorder doesn’t get boring. In fact, you get better the longer you do it. Meanwhile you’re freeing up bandwidth to look beyond the practical. And that’s how you arrive at the strategy. To identify the best way to proceed, you can’t help but asking: Why?  Keep asking that question enough times and you’re in the business of marketing strategy!

Which part of your job gives you the most energy?

Finally, an easy question! Helping people. Is it the colleague needing a hand to take care of his own challenges? Or is it the client worrying about improving her performance numbers? Every problem is a solution to help somebody and that’s always a good energizer. 💥

What’s your biggest career performance so far?

Spoke too soon! This is a harder one. I’m not the kind of marketeer that wipes away a tear walking by a glass cabinet filled with awards thinking: “Well, there they are: my accomplishments!”. But that tear does remind me of a certain meeting a couple of years ago…

This big national organization was struggling with their naming process and new branding. They came to us asking for help. Time was money, pressure was rising, politics where playing. The chief of the organization had so many worries, his question sounded more like a cry for help.

By going back and asking the important questions again, and despite the rising pressure, we took the time to really isolate the organizations DNA. By doing this, we succeeded in finalizing the new name and branding before the big congress.

When we took out a vote amongst the top members of the organization and our favorite name came out as the winner, the relief felt by the chief was palpable. He had done his job and prepared the organization for a new era. And that tear I mentioned earlier? It was glistening in his eyes when he thanked us for a job well done. That right there? That’s why we do what we do.

Arno and Imke

What is the definition of Digital Marketing to you?

A contemporary playing field for an age-old game.

What does the future of Digital Marketing hold?

By my reckoning the future of Digital Marketing is characterized by three different notions: personalization, on-demand and driven by data.

This doesn’t mean bannering or tv commercials are going out of style any time soon. It does mean your internet provider links your online behavior and preferences to all screens in your house and only shows you ads most likely to convince you. And on your way to work the camera atop the billboard will recognize your car, license plate and leasing company and will show you exactly that one insurance offer applicable to your family.

Basically, I wouldn’t like to see the brain behind ‘Black Mirror’ get elected to office any time soon.

What are companies that are not yet engaged in Digital Marketing missing out on?

Opportunities. So many opportunities. Getting to know your target audience better. Growing your company while keeping track of your ROI. Being able to do better than the dystopian image I painted above. You’re missing out on the chance have your consumers interact with you when they want it. Everybody needs something you or your competitors are offering. By using digital marketing and marketing automation you’re only make the connection between you and your consumers easier.

What’s your goal?

On a micro scale I’d like to keep helping people and brands along. And on a larger scale it would be nice if people started seeing ‘marketing’ as something positive. Because it is. We just have a great many examples of it not being done right. But as long as we have products and services being traded by two interested parties, somebody is going to need some help. Finding something or being found.

And let’s be honest, is that really such a bad thing?

Can I help you with your marketing challenges or would you like to become my colleague? Let’s talk!