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Insights of a Project Manager and Digital Marketer

Project Manager and Digital Marketer Emily with coffee | Be Bold

Emily, you know, that sushi- interior- fashion- and travel-lover on the Be Bold team? She is like a chameleon and works as a Business Development Manager, Project Manager and Digital Marketer for our Bold team. What does that mean and what are her day-to-day activities? We simply asked her!

The woman behind the name, who is Emily Lippens?

What are three words which describe you?

  • Go-getter
  • Optimistic ‘the sky is the limit’ mindset
  • Solution-oriented & customer first

What does your day usually look like?

I always start my day with a fresh cup of ginger tea, which is my rocket fuel to start with a bang. Once I arrive at the office, I open my mailbox to make sure that all my must-do’s are done first thing. I am a very structured person, a real planning guru and always very client oriented. Making sure that every deadline is achieved, and all my clients are serviced in the best possible way are my personal objectives.

Aside from these two morning rituals, I can’t really say that my days ever look the same. I am working as Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Digital Marketeer and in the meanwhile, I work on some operational tasks for Be Bold as well. This brings a lot of variety, which is one of the reasons why I love my job so much.

At the end of another exciting workday full of challenges (oh yes, I love a good challenge 💥) I like to cook a great meal or go for a quick bite with my boyfriend, friends or family. My evenings are filled with a nice walk through Antwerp city, watching sunsets, binge-watching another great Netflix series or going for a drink at ‘t Zuid in Antwerp. And oh yes, on windy days you can find me Kiteboarding at Oesterdam or the Belgian coast.

What does your job involve?

As a Project Manager and Business Development Manager I am the first point of contact for my customers. In general, we always start with an introductory meeting in order to discover the client’s needs and align strategic goals. Then we thoroughly work out a proposal to close the deal. Once a project is started, with new or existing clients, I am responsible for drawing up schedules, control budgets and managing the project from A to Z.

In addition, I am active as a Digital Marketer with a focus on Social Media Marketing. I breathe one of our Bold sayings “Because every business deserves a great digital strategy to reach their audience, build their brand and achieve their goals”. My passion is creating, executing, measuring and optimizing Digital Marketing strategies for our clients, with one goal: Growth! The rest of the time I am involved in operational matters for Be Bold and I am responsible for recruiting new Bold colleagues. A whole bunch of tasks, but hey that’s why I love my job so much!

How did you grow into your position?

I started my journey at Be Bold in November 2019. I always commit myself 100% to the task and strive to continuously learn on the job. Daring to ask questions, challenging others and taking on responsibilities, that is how you grow in your job. At the start they told me that training and personal development is something that is really important when working at Be Bold and I can only confirm that. In addition, I owe my growth during the recent months to all my bold colleagues, without them I would never have been where I am today. We’re actually continuously uplifting and helping each other – cheers to our Bold Family ❤️!

Which part of your job gives you the most energy?

The fact that at Be Bold each individual team member and our customers are continuously growing, is what gives me energy the most. We are a very dedicated team, determined to be successful at everything we do. Going the extra mile is in our DNA and with that we strive for the best and only the best. In addition, we are a very close group that strengthens each other. We all love a nice afterwork and a laugh in between all the hard work. That’s where it really feels like home!

What’s your biggest career performance so far?

I think the evolution that I’ve made the past 10 months. Coming from the recruitment business and being who and where I am today, I can say that I am a happy and (slightly ☺️) proud kiddo. I have grown a lot as a professional but also as a person and seeing where we are as our Bold team now is just w-o-w 🚀.

What is the definition of Digital Marketing to you?

Digital marketing is the promotion of your business by using online channels and concepts, such as the website, SEM, SEO, SEA, paid advertising, social media, conversion optimization, analysis and measurement (google analytics), etc. to achieve your objectives. Digital marketing makes it possible to create and track customer journeys, and it is getting more and more sophisticated.

Project Manager and Digital Marketer Emily at work | Be Bold

What does the future of Digital Marketing hold?

I am convinced that digital strategies will become more dynamic and crucial and social media content more creative. Digital Marketing will be more and more data driven (to measure is to know), mobile and personal (think about smart content). I believe that companies who invest in social media marketing during this Covid-19 crisis will see the results when everything goes back to ‘normal’. These days consumers, B2B and B2C, are and expect you to be online. Now is the time for businesses to jump on that train.

What are companies that are not yet engaged in Digital Marketing missing out on?

Don’t get me started 😉. All jokes aside, businesses who are not implementing digital marketing in their strategies are missing out a lot of opportunities. As society becomes more digital/online, connected and globalized so do their client base. Digital marketing is a very efficient and lean approach to reach their clients, beyond traditional marketing strategies. Aside from the cost and revenue benefits, it is 100% measurable to boost your ROAS (return on advertising spend). So what are you waiting for?

What is your goal?

Continue to learn and grow as a Project Manager, Sales and Digital Marketer. Personally, and as a team, I will focus on that last in particular in the coming months. Be Bold is often referred to as a Marketing Automation Agency, but we are so much more than that ;-). Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation go hand in hand and we offer a total package to our customers. As mentioned above, digital marketing is becoming more and more data-driven and we will focus on growth marketing to achieve gigantic successes together with our customers. I can sum it up in one word, GROW!