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Insights of a Marketing Automation Strategist 

Marketing Automation Strategist Ilona

Ilona, you know, the sports maniac on the Be Bold team? In her free time, you’ll find her running around the Gentbrugse Meersen, on the padel court, in the fitness or on her racing bike in the Flemish Ardennes. 🚴‍️ During working hours, she releases her energy and motivation in her job as a Marketing Automation Strategist. But what does that mean and what do her days look like? We asked her!  

The woman behind the name, who is Ilona Buteneers? 

What are three words which describe you? 

  • Problem solver
  • Critical mindset
  • Always in for a good joke

What does your day as a Marketing Automation Strategist usually look like? 

Currently, no two days are ever the same. I’m mainly focusing on everything related to our partnership with Adobe. Since August 2021, Be Bold is a proud partner of Adobe and our focus is mainly on B2B marketing automation software within their Experience Cloud, namely Adobe Marketo Enage. Our goal is to build a nice client portfolio!

Besides spending time on Adobe projects, I’m also working on strategic projects for other automation tools such as Eloqua & ActiveCampaign. This often involves workshops with clients to identify their needs and developing long-term strategic plans based on their needs.

What does your job involve?  

As a Marketing Automation Strategist, I help to determine the strategic marketing plans for clients, with a focus on an omnichannel approach. In doing so, I always keep their short- and long-term goals in mind, both for sales and for marketing.  

I also implement Adobe Experience Cloud software, more specifically Adobe Marketo Engage, and explore other tools within the Experience Cloud such as Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform.  

Finally, I provide support to clients and give demos and training in the context of Adobe Marketo Engage.

How did you grow into your position?  

In my previous job, I started as a project manager and then became account manager with a specific focus on projects that had everything to do with demand generation. This is where I developed my passion for – at that time quite unknown – marketing automation. I quickly saw the possibilities and the added value that marketing automation brings to companies.  

So, I seized the opportunity to delve deeper into this. At my previous employer, I gained experience in mainly one tool, SharpSpring. At Be Bold, I get the chance to fully focus on the high-performance software of Adobe. 

Marketing Automation Strateeg Ilona

Which part of your job as a Marketing Automation Strategist gives you the most energy?  

Constantly testing new things, new features. Coming up with solutions for problems. And the fact that with relatively simple technology, you can create great added value, achieve scale, and unburden companies in so many ways. 🔥 

What’s your biggest career performance so far?

For a former client in the real estate market, I built – together with two colleagues – a custom CRM & automation tool using Zoho software. At the beginning of this project, we compared all possible tools to determine which tooling best met the customer’s needs, taking into account the various data systems already in place at the time. 

We eventually launched the project in several phases, and now dozens of the company’s brokers are using the system.  

What is the definition of marketing automation to you?  

I see marketing automation as a technology that supports companies in lead generation, lead management, lead scoring and lead nurturing processes across various marketing channels.  

With marketing automation, you can approach leads, contacts and customers by means of automated, yet personal messages via for instance e-mail, push notifications, social media, etc. 

The purpose of this technology is to collect leads, qualify and nurture them over time and then transfer them – once they are ready – to a driven sales team. 

What does the future of marketing automation look like?

Bright! A growing number of companies are convinced of the added value of marketing automation. They understand that it brings effective results and that it’s worth the investment.  

In other words, I think that technology like marketing automation will be adopted more and more by large and small companies in the coming years.  

What are companies that are not yet engaged in marketing automation missing out on?  

They miss out on a lot of opportunities! Technology such as marketing automation really helps you to take steps to get to know your customers very well and to capitalize on this. By capitalizing on this, you create opportunities to generate additional business and slowly but surely you transform your customers into ambassadors of your brand or company.  

What’s your goal?  

Becoming my own boss. Whether in a marketing automation agency or in a chip shop, I’m not sure yet. 😄 But currently I love to further specialize in everything that has to do with Adobe & marketing automation at Be Bold!

Can I help you with your marketing challenges or would you like to become my colleague? Let’s talk!