Karen Dieleman Marketing Strategist

Karen, you know, that dino, healthy food and dance lover on the Be Bold team? In addition to the management of Be Bold, she also deals with project management, business development and marketing strategies. Let’s see what her days look like.

The women behind the name, who is Karen Dieleman?

What are three words that describe you the best?

  • Go-getter
  • Solution-oriented
  • People first

What does your typical day look like?

I always start my day a little earlier so I can start off right. This invariably includes a big mug of coffee. Don’t you love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? I know I do!

With my coffee in hand, I go over my calendar and to do’s. Then I start following up on projects ensuring that deadlines are met, answering emails, drawing up schedules, overviews…

Since I have multiple roles, my days rarely looks the same. I try to make sure my agenda isn’t fully booked, as there are always unexpected things I need to be able to respond to. A colleague who needs a sympathetic ear, an ad hoc question for a client, a lead coming in via our website, operational elements… Never a dull moment! 💥

At the end of the day, I try to go outside to get some fresh air and exercise. A walk or a running session are perfect to end the working day and let my mind cool down. Some yoga does the trick too. Afterwards I step into the kitchen and enjoy putting my hands to works and preparing a nice dinner.

What does your job involve?

As Project Manager and Business Development Manager I build relationships with our clients. In doing so, I look at their needs, which they may or may not know themselves, and I ensure a tailor-made proposal. Once the project starts, I am responsible for drawing up plans & budgets as well as managing the project from A to Z.

I am also active as a marketing strategist where the client, team and I look for an efficient goal realization by means of performance marketing. With Be Bold, we strive to restructure the entire marketing approach according to the inbound model so that customers can work more efficiently and achieve the desired results.

Last but not least, as Manager of Be Bold I am busy with the growth of the team and Be Bold as a company. This goes from personal 1:1’s, developing personal growth plans, to building a good structure in which the team can flourish. At the company level, it’s more about the numbers and the strategic part to ensure that we can grow even further as a Bold company in the following years.

Very versatile, just how I like it!

How did you grow into your position as Manager and Marketing Strategist?

Karen Dieleman

I started at Be Bold as a Digital Marketeer, but quickly rolled into a combination of project management and executive digital marketing projects. I am a very creative person, but I also like to provide structure, so a definite win-win. 😊

Gradually, more tasks were assigned to me, I saw things that could be picked up, I asked questions #eagertolearn and I took on more and more responsibility.

That growing & developing yourself at Be Bold is possible, is something that I’ve been able to experience myself. It was a rollercoaster, but I could always count on my Bold colleagues for help, advice and support. As a team we always help each other and that’s how we continue to grow together.

Which part of your job gives you the most energy?

Our Bold team and the brilliant results we achieve. I’m a people person, so if the team is happy, I’m happy. 💪 I’m always there to listen and help look for solutions where necessary.

In addition, I find it phenomenal how our team tackles the needs of our customers. How they challenge our clients and each other to come up with the best solution together.

The numerical and strategic part of Be Bold itself is also something that fascinated and drives me enormously. I love to take the time and sink my teeth right into it.

What is your biggest career performance so far?

My personal and professional growth over the past year.

I became project manager of the international roll out of Eloqua to 22 European countries for Mazda Motor Europe. A challenge that I took on with a little cold sweat, but especially with a lot of enthusiasm. In the meantime, we’ve built up a nice relationship with the customer.

In addition, I became Manager of Be Bold. Here, too, I learned a lot in a short period of time, not without any bumps in the road, but with eternal enthusiasm. When I look back at what we’ve achieved together in the past year, I can only be proud.

What is the definition of Marketing for you?

Karen Dieleman Project Manager en Business Development Manager

Marketing is a way to make your product or service known to your target group. This can be done in many different ways, both on- and offline. What we focus on with Be Bold are digital marketing campaigns on Google and various social media channels, as well as Marketing Automation.

Via social media campaigns make sure you appeal to the right people through very targeted targeting. We then lead these people to a qualitative landing page where they leave certain data. We can use this data to provide personalised content. Clear goals, measurement and optimizing for optimal results is indispensable here.

What does the future of Marketing hold?

Customers expect more and more, including a faster and more digital service.

For one, I strongly believe in the link between Marketing and Sales. The combination and even better collaboration between the two will ensure that companies can achieve more effective sales (e.g. more conversions) at a lower cost. In addition, the data we capture can be used even more intelligently.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Marketing Automation will also create an even more personalized approach & further automation of certain processes. AI and ML will process the data we collect smartly, e.g. we will work with AI lead scoring models, AI will provide even better segmentation, send-time optimization and subject-line optimization tailor content even more…  

What are companies that aren’t doing Marketing yet missing out on?

The opportunity to put their product in the spotlight for an even wider and more focused audience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been at it for several years. Your success will depend on the people you attract for your product or service.

Today, especially with the COVID-19, we are heavily dependent on the Internet for entertainment, information and with the stores being closed, also shopping. So, if you don’t already use digital marketing to promote and raise awareness about your product or service, then you’ll lose customers to more tech-savvy competitors.

What’s your goal?

Besides being a people-person, I’m also an ambitious entrepreneur. Therefore, I will continue to challenge myself to get better and achieve better results. 🔥 I still learn every day and I want to keep doing that. My goal is to grow even further in my role as Manager of Be Bold and to always be there for the team.

In addition, I want to keep growing together with the team and our customers, as a valuable partner for high-performance marketing campaigns.

I can’t imagine a better place to achieve those goals than at Be Bold. Together with my Bold colleagues, we’ll keep ensuring our high-quality services and the further development of our added value.

Do you want to jump on the marketing bandwagon or optimize your current marketing? I would be happy to look at the possibilities for your company.