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Lieselore, you know the always cheerful dancing queen in the Be Bold team? She is our enthusiastic Digital Marketing Intern. What does that mean and what do her days look like? We just asked her!

The woman behind the name, who is Lieselore Claessens?

What are three words that describe you?

  • Passionated digital native
  • Eager to learn
  • Positive mindset

What does your day as a Digital Marketing Intern usually look like?

I always start my day by setting-up my planning. Together with my mentor Louise or by myself I go over the assignments that need to be done that day and I draw up my to-do list. Because I work for several clients, it’s important to keep an overview of what I have to do for which client and when. This ensures me that I don’t miss any important deadlines. When my planning is done, I start immediately!

My tasks mainly consist of social media marketing, online advertising and content creation for both clients and Be Bold itself. From graphic design and writing social media posts to keyword analysis for Google Ads campaigns, my days are always very varied. After a work day, I like to scroll through social media to stay on top of the latest trends. I also like to relax with a good dance class or by cooking. 🍝

What does your internship involve?

digital marketing

As I already mentioned, my days are very varied. As an intern, I get the chance to really explore all parts of digital marketing. Social media marketing is my main task. So every day I’m working on both the organic and the paid part. For example, I write copy and create accompanying visuals for social media posts, set up ad campaigns, and perform analyses to measure their success. I’m also sometimes given other tasks such as writing blog posts and making videos in which I can express my creativity even more. 📹

In addition, setting up and optimizing ad campaigns on Google Ads is also part of my tasks. In order to get clients as high as possible in the search results, I make sure that their ads are relevant. For this I often do keyword analyses in which I map out all relevant keywords for the client.

I mainly work for clients but I’m also responsible for the digital marketing of Be Bold itself. Have you seen a post on social media from us in the past few months? If so, chances are I created it!

Why did you choose to do an internship at Be Bold?

After graduating last year as a journalist, I decided to change course and study an abbreviated bachelor’s degree in digital marketing at Thomas More. For my internship, I was looking for a strong and passionate team that could teach me everything about digital marketing. Because I didn’t know at the time of my internship choice what my final specialization would be, I wanted an internship where I had the opportunity to really discover everything about digital marketing. I found that at Be Bold!

What part of your internship gives you the most energy?

It may sound cliché but the Be Bold team. A first work experience is not always easy but the team makes me want to commit 200% every day. Each person in the team is very driven and unique in his or her own way. This makes a very dynamic team that delivers great results. It’s really the perfect environment for an internship!

In addition, the responsibility I get during my internship also gives me a lot of energy. I have my own clients and projects for which I am responsible. This responsibility gives an enormous boost to my self-confidence and prepares me for my first steps in the job market.

Which important learning did you already get from your internship?

I’ve learned that digital marketing can do a lot for a business. Of course I knew this already but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes. In the recent months I’ve already seen several clients grow thanks to the marketing approach of Be Bold. I am therefore very proud that I was able to contribute to this myself. 😎

internship digital marketing

What is the definition of digital marketing to you?

For me, digital marketing is the way to grow quickly as a business. In traditional marketing you do push marketing where you bring your message to a large group of people who you’re not sure are interested. You spam them with your products or services. With digital marketing, this is not the case. It’s a pull strategy that allows you to reach the right target group at the right time with the right message through the right channel. By attuning your message to your target group you’ve a greater chance of them actually becoming a customer and your company will automatically grow faster!

What does the future of digital marketing hold?

Video, video and more video. Currently, many companies forget how important video marketing can be to their digital growth. Videos usually have a high ROI and often generate the most relevant leads. So using video in your content marketing strategy will only bring you benefits.

By the way, did you know that videos are shared twice as much on social media than other content? So the engagement rate of video is high. If that’s not a reason to start video marketing then I don’t know what is!

What are companies that are not yet engaged in digital marketing missing out on?

A lot. If you don’t commit to digital marketing, there’s a good chance you won’t reach your potential target audience and therefore spend a lot of money without results. In a world where your customers can largely be found online, that’s where you need to be as a business.

If you want to know how to create online success for your business I’d like to refer you to our blog post on this!

What is your goal?

During my internship I want to discover what my specialty is within digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you obviously need to be a jack of all trades but developing into a T-profile, specializing in one particular area, is just as important. I also want to improve my creative and analytical skills. When all this succeeds, I think I’ll be all set for my first job as a digital marketer! 🚀

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