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How to get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage | Part 3: management and reporting features

Guess who’s back! Here we are with the third and final part of our blog series making sure you get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage for your business.

In the first blog we took a closer look at some quick wins you can apply to take your Adobe Marketo Engage instance to the next level. In the second part we looked at ways to better respond to the buyer journey of prospects and customers. Finally, we also discussed the importance of engagement marketing and how you can respond to this as a company.

In this last part, we close this blog series with tips to improve your management and we’ll have a closer look at reporting possibilities that give you relevant insights. Let’s dive in!


Take your management to the next level

To run efficient and well-performing campaigns, it is necessary to set up good processes. Here are a few tips to make this run smoothly from an administrator’s point of view.


Keep it simple and use a Center of Excellence

The ideal way to help your employees with marketing campaigns? Use a Center of Excellence! Think of it as a library with predefined email templates, landingpages, email programs, etc. Employees can simply clone assets and you don’t have to worry about brand consistency anymore.

Another advantage: the templates can be created per country or region to save time and be more efficient. So duplicating campaigns or working together internationally is child’s play with Adobe Marketo Engage.


Go international with Workspaces & Partitions

By using Adobe Marketo Engage’s Workspaces & Partitions functionality, you can create sub-Marketo instances to help you when your business is spread across several countries with different teams. With this tool you provide separate locations where the assets per country can be stored so nobody ends up in each other’s way. You create a shared global framework that you can shape to the local needs of each country.

Using Adobe Marketo Engage for multiple countries or regions? Check! ✅


Stay compliant & use a Preference Center

With a Preference Center you not only ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, you also get a lot of interesting insights that can help you a long way. Based on preferences, you will learn more about the interests of your target group and the products or services they might be interested in. This way, you are able to respond to this, personalise content even more and indirectly reduce the number of hard unsubscribes.


Increase deliverability thanks to database management

A clean database is key for every marketer. It not only improves your deliverability, it also ensures clear reporting and targeted marketing to the right audience. Therefore, create a master exclusion list based on bounces and other metrics so it can be taken into account in reports.


Learning by reporting

Good reporting is a must for keeping track of the ins and outs of your marketing activities. Adobe Marketo Engage allows you to track everything from email performance to how marketing contributes to actual sales through the pipeline. But what’s the best thing to report on? We’ve listed the most important reports down below.


Report on online and offline events

Do you want to gain insight into who registered for your event and who actually attended? The Adobe Marketo Engage event program will allow you to take your event management to the next level and optimise the follow-up processes both online and offline.


Report on email performance

Email performance reports give you insights into how your email marketing is performing today. Thanks to these reports, you can find out what kind of content appeals to your target audience and where there is still room for optimisation, among other things. So be sure to check them regularly!


Report on a program level

Besides reporting on the level of email marketing (asset level), it’s also interesting to have a look at reporting on program level. This way, you also gain insight into the performance of used landing pages and you can perfectly see which programs work best for generating new leads.


Track the lead-to-customer funnels

How useful would it be to have an overview of how a lead develops into a customer? The Revenue Cycle Model makes this possible! More specifically, you gain insight into the flow between sales & marketing, the nurture flows based on the various (buyer) phases, the flow of leads throughout the process, certain bottlenecks in the funnel, etc. Finally, this model also allows you to draw lessons for future lead generation campaigns.


Report on how marketing is contributing to your turnover

With this report, you will gain insight into which campaigns are working (or not) and are thus contributing to the acquisition of new leads and ultimately new customers. In this way, you can perfectly deduce which campaigns are worth repeating and which (types of) campaigns do not work or work less well for your target group or segment.

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