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How to get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage | Part 2: buyer journey & engagement marketing

In the first blog of this series, we took a closer look at a number of quick wins that you can achieve to take your Adobe Marketo Engage instance to the next level. With Adobe Marketo Engage you can create a true transformation when it comes to lead generation, sales & marketing alignment and creating real 1-to-1 relationships. In this second part, we will dive into the buyer journey and the importance of engagement marketing. Let’s go!

Align marketing and sales seamlessly

It is not always easy to guide your leads through the buyer journey. Sounds familiar? Fortunately, Adobe Marketo Engage makes it easy to prioritize leads, offer the right content at the right time and approach specific accounts in a very targeted way.


Account Based Marketing

One of the tools that makes it a breeze to guide leads through their buyer journey is Account Based Marketing. Thanks to ABM, your marketing and sales teams are better aligned and it becomes immediately clear to sales which leads need to be focused on.


Prioritize leads based on their profile & behavior

By configuring specific default programs, you can assign scores to your contacts in Adobe Marketo Engage. This is based on two criteria: fit criteria on the one hand and engagement criteria on the other.

The fit criteria assign points to a contact based on (demographic) information collected about a person. Information that we collect, for example, because they fill out forms on the website that are tracked by Adobe Marketo Engage’s Munchkin script. With engagement criteria, Adobe Marketo Engage will start scoring points based on a contact’s behavior. For example, based on visits to certain web pages.

In this way, the sales team gets a clear picture of the actions that leads take during their journey and the sales rep can easily respond to this during their follow-up.


Integrate your CRM system for an immediate follow-up

Suppose someone downloads a whitepaper and reaches the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) threshold, then this lead often still has to be passed on to the sales team manually or via middleware.

By linking your CRM system to Adobe Marketo Engage, you can initiate an automatic follow-up of leads with your sales department. The team can then immediately set to work on the further follow-up of this sales-ready lead.

Adobe Marketo Engage is increasingly winning over its competitors in terms of flows and (native) integrations. They also have very strong CRM integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, but also SAP and SugarCRM.


The right content, at the right time

Use sales and CRM information to develop nurture programs via the engagement program in Adobe Marketo Engage. This program allows you to offer relevant content about specific products or services at regular moments. This prevents leads from being passed on to the sales team too quickly, thereby unnecessarily wasting time and resources.

A strong nurture flow also gives you extra opportunities to get to know your target group even better and to respond to their needs and wishes even more proactively over time. Because by increasing the engagement of your non-involved contacts, you transform them over time into contacts that are ready to buy. And isn’t that what everyone wants?


Engagement marketing, so much more than a buzzword

Did you know that retaining an existing customer is 70% easier than acquiring new ones? Yet many companies still focus mainly on generating new leads, the so-called acquisition phase (TOFU). Below, we have listed a number of tips to create an optimal user experience for your existing customers and to transform them into loyal customers focusing on a long-term relationship.


Commit to a seamless onboarding experience

From the beginning you should invest in engagement. Therefore, provide an engagement program with a specific onboarding focus as soon as a new contact signs up. Thanks to this program, you regularly provide new customers with relevant and personalized content about the product, service or offering they have shown interest in. Not only do you increase your customers’ retention in this way, but in the long term you create loyal customers who can eventually even become true brand ambassadors. A win-win situation.


Use re-engagement programs and prevent churn

Churn is a marketing term for customers who drop out after a while and don’t stay as loyal to your brand or organisation as you initially hoped. It is a common problem in organisations, and one that you should avoid. In addition to acquiring new customers, the so-called churn ratio is an important measuring point for determining the profitability of an organisation.

To avoid this, you can deploy re-engagement programs to which customers are automatically added six months after their last purchase. See it as a last chance to keep them in your customer portfolio. This way you get the most out of your database and don’t spend unnecessary resources on generating new leads.


Address end-of-contract customers with a specific program

As we mentioned earlier, it is much easier to retain existing customers than it is to attract new ones. Specific ‘end-of-contract’ engagement programs within Adobe Marketo Engage can help you with this.

Thanks to these programs, you can – based on data available in your CRM system – set up engagement paths whereby you anticipate cross- and upselling of other products or services in your range. In this way, you can not only retain your existing customers but also increase the profit and lifetime value of these customers. Moreover, they remain well informed about what you offer.


Identify opportunities for cross- or upselling

Finally, it is important to extract learnings from the collected data and turn them into specific actions. Look at the behavior (forms filled in, web pages visited, etc.) of your customers and find out where exactly their interest lies.

There’s no denying that Adobe Marketo Engage can transform your business when it comes to lead generation, sales & marketing alignment and the creation of meaningful 1-to-1 relationships. At Be Bold, a team of certified experts is ready to work with your organisation to bring your marketing automation to a higher level. Achieving goals together, that’s what it’s all about.

Is it time to review these goals together and translate them into a concrete action plan? Or do you have other questions about using Adobe Marketo Engage? Don’t hesitate & contact us via the form below.

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