You’re using Adobe Marketo Engage as a marketing automation tool? Well, that’s great! Adobe Marketo Engage is a very powerful marketing automation tool with numerous features. But do you feel like you’re still missing out on a few features?

No worries! Sometimes, by applying a few quick wins, you can make a lot of progress in the adaptation of this type of software within your company. As an Adobe partner, the marketing automation specialists of Be Bold have written down a number of useful tips in a 3-part blog, based on best practices.

In this first part, we’ll go over some quick wins that will allow you to get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage as an automation tool. ✅

Quick wins that benefit your automation

Often, companies use Adobe Marketo Engage primarily as an email system. But the tool has so much more to offer. You can turn Adobe Marketo Engage into a real automation engine in a matter of time. The tips & tricks below can give you a helping hand.

Progressive profiling

Gather new, additional information about your customers or prospects by using progressive profiling and global forms. In this way you enrich the profiles in your database and you can easily use more personalised 1-to-1 communication.

Specific landingpages within Adobe Marketo Engage

Are you planning to launch a marketing campaign soon? Don’t forget to create a landingpage within your Adobe Marketo Engage instance. These pages are designed in a way that visitors won’t get distracted by unnecessary navigation. They ensure that your target audience can focus on your campaign goals such as filling out a form, downloading rich content, etc.. Which ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

Push leads straight into Adobe Marketo Engage

Avoid manually exporting and importing leads from your social media ads by pushing them directly into your Adobe Marketo Engage database. Additionally, in the next step, you can get them into a specific nurture program by using engagement programs. Thanks to this advanced tool you are able to quickly measure the effect of campaigns and quickly gain insight into the cost per lead, a valuable metric. High five for increased productivity and less manual actions! 🙌

Commit to advanced personalisation

Based on the information you collect about your customers and prospects, Adobe Marketo Engage allows you to go very far in personalising content. And why wouldn’t you do this if you know that a more personalised experience leads to higher engagement and contributes to a higher conversion rate?

A/B testing

Use A/B testing (e.g. with landingpages or emails) to get to know your target group even better. By testing, you’ll find out what really interests them so you can respond even better in the future. The result? Over time, you know your target audience inside out.

So, apply these tips and make Adobe Marketo Engage your go-to tool for marketing automation!

Of course, this is just the beginning of Adobe Marketo Engage’s capabilities. In the following blogs we will further explore optimisations in the context of the buyer journey and engagement marketing. In addition, we will give you tips to improve your management and we will look at reporting possibilities that give you relevant insights.

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