Social media posts, blogs, newsletters, white papers… It’s easy to lose track of all your content. A content calendar will bring relief!

Download our easy-to-use content calendar template and become the king/queen of content planning!

Some tips to get you started:

1. Bring together all available info

The subject, the content form, the target group… Bring all this information in an organized way together in the content calendar template. How? Go in the Excel to the date of publication and fill in the corresponding row.

2. Use the handy dropdowns

The content calendar contains handy dropdowns for the goals, audiences, channels, etc. With one click you choose for example what goal corresponds to the content piece. In addition, the use of predefined dropdowns ensures consistency.

3. Plan ahead

Last minute content creation creates stress… A lot of stress. Solve this by scheduling your content in advance in the content calendar, for example monthly. That way you know well ahead what needs to be done and when.

4. Choose the person in charge

Are you working with several people on the content strategy? Then a clear division of the work is important. Note in the ‘responsible’ column who will take care of which content piece.

Voilà, now you are all set to use the content calendar template. Download it now!