We wouldn’t be where we are today, if it weren’t for each individual who is a part of this bold team. – D. Karen

The 7th week is officially over. Only one more to go! 🏁

Be Bold

Our name says it all. Be. Bold

Bold as in: not afraid to stand out.
Bold as in: not afraid to think outside of the box. 📦✖️ 
Bold as in: not afraid to take on a challenge. 
Bold as in: not afraid to go beyond the usual limits. 🔝
Bold as in: creative, imaginative minds. 💭
Bold as in: one of a kind. 


Be Bold is not just our name, it’s who we are. A family of crazy & awesome go getters that aim high, always! – D., Karen

Bold Culture 

A great company culture is made off people with the same mission.
W., Nick

Our mission statement

“We believe that by going beyond average thinking, combined with passion and challenging minds, we can help you create your own unique story. Resulting in growth and a long-lasting impact.”

Aim above the mark, to hit the mark. – L., Emily

If flexibility, growth opportunities and ownership are factors you’re looking for in a job, you’ve come to the right address.

In my 4th blogpost, I’ve already talked about this group down to the last detail. By now you should know how incredible they are individually and together as a team. Being part of the Bold team, is a whole new and unique experience. We can promise you that! Our team is a fun cross-functional gang and we’re absolutely 100% convinced that our close bond is the key 🗝️ to our success. With our diverse profiles and interesting mix of talents, our clients know they can count on us and our expertise. This is what matters. 

What are we known for?

Be part of Creative brainstorm sessions

Our creative brainstorm sessions 🖌️ whilst playing with play-doh 

Known for Tackling bold challenges

Tackling bold challenges ⛳: helping clients with complex problems

Be Part of Be Bold's Team Celebrations

Team celebrations 🎉 to enjoy our successes together.

Known for Variety

Variety 🔀 . Because of our diverse customers and their specific needs, every day brings something new.

Known for Partner loyalty

Partner loyalty 🤝 . Long term partnerships is something we believe in and stand for. 

Be Bold Fun

Fun, more fun and even more fun! So many jokes. All. The. Time.  😂

Known for helping realize dreams - Dream factory

Help realize your next dream: we’re more than happy to help you realize your next dream 💭 , because who doesn’t love working at the Dream factory? 

Be part of this goofy team

Our goofy, one of a kind team 🤪 that works so well together. 

Are you getting that tingling feeling to be become a Be Bolder and to become a part of this cool gang 🤩? Go look at our vacancies and don’t hesitate to tell us why you would be a perfect fit for our Bold team!

For one last time..

 Talk to you later 🐊!
– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a. Digital Marketing Intern @ Be Bold