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The Intern Diaries #4: Colleagues and Friends

So far I’ve covered many different aspects on what it’s like to be an intern at this amazing company. I’ve told you what it’s like to work here, what kind of work is done, the trainings they offer to help deliver your best work… BUT what you don’t know just yet is, who exactly you’ll be working with. Want to get to know us? Click on this blog!

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The intern diaries #2: Intern Nourishment

Making sure I wouldn’t fall behind and I am given every opportunity to deliver great work, I’m getting different trainings pretty much every week, each on a different topic. Not only are they helping me to deliver some of my best work, but I’m actually learning new things. Me as a person, I’m very eager to learn so this is like a bonus. 🎁 Find out which trainings I’m talking about!

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