Entrepreneur, marketeer, or freelancer? No matter who you are or what you do, LinkedIn marketing will add value to your business or job role. In addition to networking with professionals worldwide, LinkedIn offers you numerous marketing opportunities and tools. Use them for brand awareness, lead generation or for the launch of a new product, for example.

LinkedIn transformed from a “Facebook for companies”, to a standalone social media platform with one clear focus: B2B. There’s no doubt LinkedIn marketing is a valuable and vital part of your marketing mix.

In this blog you get 10 LinkedIn marketing tips that will help you get started right away. Keep on reading!

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that specifically focuses on professionals. It’s the largest professional network on the Internet, and we mainly know it as a free display for your skills or company. However, in recent years, LinkedIn invested extensively in the marketing potential of the platform. And now, it has evolved into an essential marketing and networking link for everyone in the corporate world.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

When doing LinkedIn marketing, you are actively using and implementing LinkedIn as an ingredient in your marketing cocktail. This means that you are putting the LinkedIn tools – free or paid – to good use. For example, to increase brand awareness, to stimulate business relationships and partnerships, or to drive traffic to your website, organically or through advertising.

LinkedIn has an array of tools in store for you:

  • Your profile
  • Company pages
  • Groups
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • InMail

The social media platform also loves to share its knowledge through the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog. Because #sharingiscaring, ya know?

Why LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B channel with a global community of almost 810 million users in 200 countries and regions worldwide. In Europe, there are around 211 million members and Belgium has 4 million LinkedIn users. Keep in mind, Belgium only has 11.5 million residents, and it’s mostly professionals having a LinkedIn profile. Not too shabby, if you ask me. 💁‍♂️

In addition, LinkedIn’s algorithm is quite accessible. Knock on wood, because there’s always a slight chance that this platform will follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram, where you are literally fighting for a slice of attention. For now, however, you can reach a lot of people on LinkedIn, even when they’re not following you.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to pinpoint your B2B target audience very specifically while advertising. That advertising often digs a little bit deeper in comparison to advertising on other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Besides networking, connecting, and advertising, LinkedIn is of course also an amazing tool to find new employees or to show off your employer branding efforts.  

10 Tips for LinkedIn marketing

Now that you know exactly what LinkedIn marketing means, it’s time to gather all your knowledge and apply it! You know us: we like to give you that little extra push in the right direction. Read our 10 tips, give them a whirl, and turn your LinkedIn into a raging success!

Tip 1

Let’s go back to basics: your company page. Really dot your i’s and cross your t’s when filling out your company page. Add a suitable banner that radiates your corporate identity and finish off with your logo as a profile picture. Immediately, page visitors should know exactly what your company does and of course where they can contact you. Complete all information and don’t forget your tagline. Your tagline can be your slogan, but above all it should reflect the true essence of your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Be Bold - company page

Tip 2

On LinkedIn, you stay top-of-mind by regularly posting a really good piece of content, for example weekly or twice a week. This way you appear more often on someone’s timeline and – moreover – you profile yourself as a true expert in your field.

Tip 3

Unbelievable, but true. LinkedIn’s algorithm actually helps you reach more people, including people who don’t follow you (just yet). How does that work? The first few hours after posting are crucial. If you get a lot of likes, comments and shares, LinkedIn says, “Okay, apparently this is a great piece of content. Let me show it to the whole network of the people who have reacted to it.” That’s how it pushes your content on plenty of timelines. Hello free visibility!

Tip 4

People reading your posts is one thing. Taking action, well, that’s something else… A catchy conclusion and a clear, triggering call-to-action (CTA) are indispensable, also on LinkedIn. Tell people exactly what you expect from them, such as “Read more on the blog” or “Follow us and stay up to date!”.

Tip 5

LinkedIn is an endless source of talent. Therefore, it’s extremely useful for recruiting new employees. On the one hand, you post your job opportunities, or you will actively look for interesting candidates and profiles. On the other hand, job applicants often get a little sneak peek of your company page even before coming in for an interview (guilty as charged). Apply tip number 1 and make a dashing impression with an interesting profile, correct information, and recent posts. Oh, and sprinkle some employer branding into the mix, as well. 😉

Tip 6

Try InMail messages! With the premium feature InMail, your messages get delivered to the LinkedIn inbox of people with whom you have no LinkedIn connection. Helping you reach your target audience in a direct but personal way. Create a personalized greeting, provide relevant information and, to put the cherry on top: a personal connection fully adapted to the reader.

Tip 7

Trying to reach your professional target audience with ads? You came to the right place, buddy. LinkedIn is the best social media channel for this. You can target by location, language, gender, and interests, but also by business category, company size, level of education and seniority levels. Want to reach marketeers who have a keen interest in artificial intelligence and work at company X, Y or Z? No problem!

Tip 8

LinkedIn has a wide variety of tools that support you to get the most out of LinkedIn marketing. Quickly install the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to advertise. This tool helps you set up advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. When setting up your ads, you can choose which goal you want to achieve, for example brand awareness, website traffic or lead generation. This way you can rest assured that your advertising budget is well spent.

Tip 9

Advertentieprestaties LinkedIn marketing

All well and good, those fancy ads, but do they put their money where their mouth is? To know how well your ads are performing, you have to dive a bit deeper in your campaign charts, because that’s where the juicy details are. For example, you will find the job titles of the people who’ve seen your ad, or at which companies people work who’ve clicked on your ad. Handy, right?

Tip 10

Last, but not least: is lead generation your LinkedIn advertising objective? Then offer a freebie, something interesting that you give out for free in exchange for data. Nowadays, close to no one just gives away their personal information… So, reward your target audience with a valuable webinar or a relevant white paper in exchange for an e-mail address.

Haven’t jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon just yet? Then let this be your sign to take the plunge. LinkedIn marketing for business is going full speed ahead, so let’s go! Don’t know where exactly to start? Book a call with our social media expert.