Be Bold

Working at Be Bold isn’t like working at a large corporation. We’re a close-knit, cross-functional bunch and we believe working together is the key to our success. With different profiles and a mixture of skills, our customers know they can count on us for just about anything.

Be Bold Values

Our go-getter-mentality

We are a very energetic team, determined to be successful in everything we do. Going the extra mile is in our DNA and by doing so we strive for the best and only the best.

Our ‘Bold’ mindset

We are a creative group of people, always exploring to pick the better option for our clients. We constantly look for ways to raise the bar and exceed expectations.

Our passion

We do what we love and love what we do every- day! We share our passion with a lot of pride, and by doing so we try to inspire those around us.

Be Bold Drivers


With our huge drive, positive energy, full focus and great love for what we do we create success stories on a daily basis. We do strongly believe that everything is possible!


Next to all the hard work our Be Bold Family is always in for a good laugh. The fun moments during and after work are where we connect and where we get that family groove.


We’re a close-knit, cross- functional bunch and we believe working together is the key to our success. Finding solutions that work for our customers, which result in customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

And as a team, we have a reputation
to really love some of these:

Brainstorming sessions
whilst playing with


Customers with complex problems so our minds feel challenged


To celebrate our successes together as a team


The variety of our customers and what they need, because every day they’re keeping it fresh


Longterm partnerships with our customers, because trust and support are vital to us


Chasing the next dream you come up with, because we want to help you get there


So. Many. Jokes.


Our team members: we’re a bunch of mad hatters but we love working together

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