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The Intern Diaries #7: Bold Journey

My days as a Be Bold Digital Marketing intern a.k.a. my Bold Journey, are coming to an end. This is the 7th and unfortunately last blogpost of the Intern Diaries series. The good news is, we made it with through with flying colors 🏁 !

WHAT A RIDE 🎢  it has been… truly.  Where do I even begin ⁉️

Blessing in disguise 

First and foremost, I want to say that I couldn’t be more grateful for each and everyone in this team, helping me whenever and boosting my self-esteem every time I did something right. I’ve been given such a great opportunity. It probably wasn’t all that easy to train somebody new, teaching them what there is to know about the company without even having a face to face conversation.

However, this team made it work, without a doubt 💪 . I wasn’t the only one who started during this difficult time. Fatma began her Bold journey one week before me as a Junior Marketing Automation specialist. Because of the trainings – remember the ones I told you about in blogpost #2, telework was an option, and the two of us (lucky bastards 🍀 ) were given the chance to start at Be Bold. 

Fun Fact

You know, if it hadn’t been for COVID-19 I never would have ended up at Be Bold 😱. I was supposed to work for another company, but Corona screwed that up – royally. Be Bold came to the rescue at the very last minute and gave me a shot. So, if there’s a bright side of COVID-19, it’s that I got to know this super fun team and company. If I had to sum up this whole situation in one sentence, I would say: it’s been a blessing in disguise 🙏. I’m one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason. Honestly, in this case, it can’t be any more true! 


This blog series and especially this particular post, is for every intern or future employee who is considering working for Be Bold. Here, personal growth is key. They want you to learn and to really make a difference. Those petty intern tasks – the ones no one has time for, and no one actually cares about – don’t apply here at Be Bold. Little projects are created just for you based on your interests and skills. Let me give you an example: 

What do YOU want?

Before I started my internship, I was asked what I like to do, and what I’m expecting from THEM. I said I love to write and that I’m supposed to submit weekly reports about the internship for school. Trying to make my life easier – they helped me kill two birds with one stone 👊 – by combining these two things into one big project for me, something I could work on every week.

As I told you in blogpost #3, I’m a planning and organizing freak. Taking that into account, I was included in pretty much all the tasks that were even slightly related to it, like the photoshoot for example. Here, they not only listen to you but also want to hear what you have to say, and that is what made this internship so exceptional.

Practical and Personal Insights

I’ve learned oh so much over the past 8 weeks. On the one hand, I gained practical insights regarding Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing. The research that I had to do concerning Marketing Automation platforms expanded my marketing knowledge and really taught me what this business is about.

As for digital marketing – which is more up my alley, I’ve learned about Customer Personas, Customer Journeys, Content plans, beyond the basics of Social Media and so much more. I really enjoyed getting to know more about search engine optimization and working with WordPress. Also paid advertisement was something completely new to me, but very useful and it might come in handy later. 

On the other hand, I’ve also gained a multitude of personal insights and wisdom. I’ve discovered more of what am I good at 👏, where I thrive 🥇, what I love doing 😍, things I don’t like to do 🙅, in which area I want to grow 🔝 … 

In this company you’re not just a number. No, you’re a part of the team and considered as an equal. Your opinion and input counts. Could you ask for anything more? I think not! 


What am I going to miss most? 

  • Fun chit chats with the girls 🗣️
  • Learning new stuff about marketing 📚
  • Challenging myself on a daily base ⚔
  • HOI – an awesome coworking space with great work vibes 🆒
  • The routine 🔁  – waking up and starting my day by doing something meaningful 
  • The AWESOME gang 😎

Thanks a Million!

Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks to Karen Dieleman. Being the busy 🐝 that she is, she always made that extra effort trying to find some time for me and my 1000 questions. I really appreciated your honest & helpful feedback and your daily enthusiasm ☀️ 🤩 ! 

Lastly, I want to give an extra special thanks to Emily Lippens. I couldn’t have wished for a better guru. I recognized a part of myself in you, sharing equal passions; travel jitters 🌎, interior addiction 😍 and wining & dining 🍷🍝 aaall the way, I guess that’s why we hit it off immediately! Thank you for your patience, your help, for checking up on me several times a day, for your teaching skills and most of all for making it a great, fun and meaningful 8 weeks. 

Kudos to the two of you! You’ve done a fantastic job helping me learn and grow. I wish you both nothing but the best in your further Bold journey 🤗

Bold Journey - Digital Marketing
Emily – Rilke – Karen / Digital Marketing gang

All right guys… I’m saddened to say it’s time to wrap up 😢 . (I’m not crying, you are!) 

It’s been SUCH a pleasure taking you along with me on my Bold Journey and to give you a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes at Be Bold 📽️ . And who knows, we might bump into each other again in another blog series one day. 

Hasta la vista peeps ✌️
& stay Bold! 

– Rilke Gryspeerdt a.k.a. Digital Marketing intern @ Be Bold & soon to be graduate from the AP Hogeschool with a degree in Communications 👩‍🎓️